Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Start feeling better in your very first session!

ART taps into your brain’s natural ability to heal so you can quickly and comfortably resolve all kinds of trauma, PTSD, phobias, anxiety, and limiting beliefs or behaviors—and you don’t have to talk about traumatic events.

Accelerated Resolution Therapy is a short-term form of psychotherapy with roots in several existing evidence-based therapies, but shown to produce benefits much more quickly. ART uses a combination of creative visualization, somatic awareness, and eye movements to quickly and gently transform the way you remember and respond to past experiences so you are no longer triggered or troubled by symptoms.

ART is different than EMDR and other therapies in that it does not require you to talk about your trauma or do homework in between sessions. With ART many people achieve resolution in a single session, with the average being 1-5. For most people ART is a comfortable, even enjoyable, experience because the process rapidly moves you beyond any discomfort toward relief and positive change.

With ART we say, “Keep the memories, lose the pain,” because you’ll still be able to recall the details of your past event, but it will no longer trigger strong emotional or physical reactions. During a session you’re alert, aware, and in control. My role is to gently guide you through the process at your own pace. Your brain, while focused on your problem and engaging in eye movements, will make new connections to your strength, resilience, and problem-solving abilities. It’s an empowering experience and creates long-lasting positive change.

If you’re a Veteran, you’re warmly invited to work with me. I have several years of experience working with service-connected PTSD, MST, depression, and anxiety. I have Veterans in my family and a deep passion for helping you harness your power and resilience to take back control of your life. ART is recognized as an evidence-based therapy for PTSD.

ART has been proven effective for more than just PTSD:

Even if previous therapies haven't worked, ART can help you quickly and comfortably heal from all types of trauma, stress, anxiety, and PTSD.

Imagine feeling calm, confident, and in control again – no more flashbacks, nightmares, panic attacks, or avoidance.

If you’ve tried talk therapy, exposure therapy, or EMDR and still haven’t found the relief you need, ART can help you heal for good. I trained in many different trauma therapies before I learned ART. Most of them helped people manage their symptoms, but not actually resolve their trauma. I kept searching for something  that would truly give my clients their lives and relationships back. I knew I’d finally found the answer when I experienced an ART session of my own.

Just one session of ART completely healed and resolved my own experience of medical trauma. All my triggers were gone, my sleep improved, and my physical pain healed. I totally got my life back. Years later when I think of that event I feel completely calm and comfortable and it’s just a distant memory like any normal day in my life. I was so inspired by my own results I became a Master ART Clinician so I could help people like you take their life back too.

ART is also effective for personal growth & performance enhancement:

The ART process can be used to quickly identify and transform limiting beliefs or break unwanted habits and replace them with healthy new ones. I’ve effectively used ART to help coaching clients increase motivation to achieve goals, change eating or exercise habits, make important life decisions, and enhance performance outcomes in the arts, sports, and business endeavors. 

After an ART session my clients say they feel lighter, uplifted, strong, confident, free, and joyful!